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what it is

In the fall of 2009, still elated from the success of my first self-published book (Toe-Up! Patterns and Worksheets to Whip Your Sock Knitting Into Shape!), I immediately started planning my next project. While teaching at Sock Summit '09, I was beyond inspired by the incredible range and talent of the independent yarn dyers present at the event. I decided that my next book would offer a little "peek behind the curtain", detailing both the creative inspiration of dyers and my own design process.

Indie Socks: Knitting Patterns and Dyer Profiles Featuring Hand-Dyed Yarns is the culmination of my efforts and includes profiles of 24 exciting indie dyers from across the industry by Donna Arney, along with patterns I created especially for their yarn. The book also details some of my favorite tips and tricks for working with these sometimes challenging yarns. If you can't resist those lovely handpainted skeins at the store, but then get them home and can't figure out what to do with them, this book can help.

Yarn by Stitchjones

the patterns

In order to help fund production of the book (and keep me disciplined!), I organized a CSK or Community Sponsored Knitting club that ran from August of 2010 to July of 2011. Subscribers received one sock pattern per month via e-mail and will be sent a signed copy of the book once it comes out. We had loads of fun!

All patterns in the book include both written instructions and charts for all but the simplest stitch patterns. Designs were all test knitted and reviewed by two tech editors. While I can't guarantee the book is completely error-free, our quality control is rigorous and should've caught the most egregious problems.

Here's a peek at several of my favorite designs. You can visit the book's Ravelry page to see additional views, as well as peruse CSK members' projects.

our dyers

We've got two dozen fabulous dyers that we've profiled for this project, including the following:
  • Abstract Fiber
  • Black Bunny Fibers
  • LavenderSheep
  • Lorna's Laces
  • Stitchjones
  • Cephalopod Yarns
  • The Sweet Sheep
  • Creatively Dyed
  • Mountain Colors
  • Schaefer Yarns
  • Knitted Wit
  • Miss Babs
  • CraftsMeow
  • Pico(t)
  • Curious Creek
  • Elemental Affects
  • Unique Sheep
  • Hazel Knits
  • Pagewood Farms
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts
  • Blue Ridge Yarns
  • Artyarns
  • Shalimar Yarns
  • Alpha B Yarn

Yarn by LavenderSheep


How many patterns are in the book?
There are 24 patterns.

What size are the socks?
All the socks are designed to fit a women's medium foot, which is between 7.5 & 8.5 inches around. Many of the socks will include smaller and/or larger sizes, and a couple include children's sizing, but the sizing becomes very difficult with the more complex patterns (it's difficult to change the stitch count of the sock without completely changing the look of the sock). There is a section in the book about resizing the socks yourself with options ranging from easy to more challenging.

Your first book was about toe-up socks. Will the sock patterns all be toe-up?
Absolutely not! The balance is very close to 50/50. One pattern even goes both ways!

Do you have charts or written instructions for the stitch patterns?
Both! Except for very simple stitch patterns that don't really make sense to chart, each design is both written out and charted so you can use the method you prefer.

Got questions? Send them in!

To learn more about Chrissy, please visit the Gardiner Yarn Works website or Chrissy's Ravelry page. Thanks so much for your support of independent knitting publishers and designers!


Unfortunately, despite our testing and careful tech editing of the patterns, errors do slip through. Here is the list of confirmed errata for the first edition of the print book. If you've purchased the e-book version, you should receive notification via Ravelry when corrections are available for download.

The yarn listed in the materials section on p.105 is not what is pictured. The yarn used for the samples is LavenderSheep Tencel Sock.

Row 1 of the Turn Heel section should read "Sl1, k15, SSK, k1, turn."

Soda Fountain
There is a typo in the instructions for large smock. It should use 6 stitches throughout (the 5th line of the instructions should say 6 in place of 4).

Tulip Socks
The instructions for working the bobble at the top of p.80 are incorrect. They should instead read: "To work bobble, slip 3 stitches one at a time as if to knit, *pass 2nd stitch on right needle over 1st stitch on right needle, slip stitch from right needle to left needle, pass 2nd stitch on left needle over 1st stitch on left needle**, slip stitch back to right needle; work from * to ** once more."

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